There are several ways to engage in combat with other players (PvP') in the world of Pandora Saga.

Zones Edit

One-on-one combat can be done in certain maps of the game: the Muldian Uncivilized District, El Behd, and the Astian Underground Ruins. When you encounter players allied to other nations in these areas, their names will appear flashing red as a sign they are ready for an immediate clash.

When you defeat other players, you gain Honor Points which allow you to raise your Rank. If you are defeated by another player, however, Honor points will be lost.

Seicavalie Edit

When you reach the Esquire rank you will be able to create a Guild. The Guild Liaison NPC can be found in your nation's capital and will require a fee. Once part of a Guild, you will be able to participate in the Assault at Seicavalie. Seicavalie is called the Land of the Stone Siege, where Guilds compete for castle ownership. Castle structures such as Castle Gates, Guard Towers, Ramparts and castle Cores can be destroyed to gain Siege Points. Siege Weapons, such as Catapults, Ballistas and Battering Rams, can be built (and destroyed) during the assault for both offensive and defensive use. The Guild that has earned the most Siege Points when a castle is taken over will gain castle ownership. Ownership will give the Guild additional benefits as the Guild master manages the castle's many attributes and services.

Clash of the Nations and the Siege of Sieghelm Edit

Once you have pledged allegiance to a Nation, participation in the Three-Nation War is possible. This is a massive, scheduled conflict among the members of the three Nations, which are separated into two distinct battles; the Clash of the Nations and the Siege of Sieghelm. To participate, you can register at the Ridelium Battle Attaché and the Sieghelm Battle Attaché NPCs located in each nation's capital city. Registration for these battles can be done generally in three ways- as Commander, as a Regular, or as a Militia. Fees apply for Commander and Regular Registration.

Battle Participants will receive Honor points and certain privileges as well. The amount of Honor received in the end will be determined by the standing of the Nations and the amount of your own participation. Members of the winning Nation will receive a massive amount of Honor. In addition, players who show outstanding aptitude will receive special medals, which indicate their achievements during these battles.

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