Mounts 01

Horses can be purchased from Equestrian Shopkeeper NPCs, who are found at stables near town entrances. Horses are customizable, come in a variety of colors, and are available in both male and female forms. Similar to player characters, horses can progress in levels and able to equip them with stat-enhancing gear when a player reaches a certain point in the game.

Stablekeeper NPCs allow you to check a horse's level and statistics, as well as equip horses with gear. Items for your horse can be acquired through the Rank Manager NPCs or purchased with Pandora Points in the Charge Shop. Up to five horses can be kept at a time, and if you wish to make room for a different horse, they can be "Retired." But be careful when using this command, as your former steed will become unavailable once it has been put out to pasture.

By increasing the Ability Points in the Mounts ability of your character for certain classes, special skills can be earned to enhance mounted combat.

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