Upgrading 01

Another way to enhance your equipment is by utilizing the services of the Blacksmith NPCs, who are found in every major town. These NPCs are found in pairs; one sells Rune Gems, the other performs the equipment enhancement.

Rune Gems Edit

Rune Gems are needed to enhance equipment. Each Rune Gem is specific to an aura, such as Fire, Ice, Holy, or Dark. Rune Gems can be purchased in the game from Blacksmith NPCs and can also be acquired through item drops after defeating monsters. Rune Gems come in multiple sizes; these sizes indicate how much of an effect they provide when used to enhance an item. "Magic" Rune Gems can only be used with wands and rods.

To use a Rune Gem on equipment, the services of a Blacksmith are needed. These services come at a cost and are not guaranteed to work every time; it is possible for equipment to break in the process. Also, once an aura is granted to an item, only Rune Gems of the same aura can be used on it thereafter. The probability of a successful enhancement depends on the size of the Rune Gem and the amount of aura the chosen item already has; this probability can be increased by using the “Hammer” items, which can be purchased in the Charge Shop.

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