To view your abilities and to distribute points, open up the "Character Menu" and click on the "Abilities" tab.

You increase your character's abilities in two ways:

  • Gaining Ability Points by advancing in levels
  • Continued use and practice of your skills

For example, when you engage in combat and utilize your skills (either active or passive) you have a chance to increase and improve your abilities.

Ability Points can be found under the "Abilities" tab. Ability Points can be distributed to each of the Abilities.

Each Ability has three bars, each a different color:

  • The green bar indicates what your character has earned.
  • The red bar indicates how many Ability Points have been distributed.
  • The blue bar indicates the maximum amount allowed (this will vary from class to class).
  • A yellow bar will appear as you add points so you can preview the amount being distributed. Once you click "Confirm," the yellow bar will become red.

Ability Points cannot be taken back from the given ability once you confirm the point distribution. When an ability reaches a certain point, certain skills can be learned. The longer the green portion of the bar is, the stronger the skills associated with that ability will be.

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